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Yuh is a Trini when..... Yuh know how to scootch somebody. Yuh know how to storm a party. Yuh know what a macko is.... Yuh know what is de meaning of “dotish” yuh mother does make de best sweetbread and pelau. Yuh once own a bata or a 'flame' to go to school and coast them. Yuh own a cutlass. Yuh paint yuh steps red. Yuh shorten sentences by saying “whayuhsaying” and “whahappening”. Yuh use to collect FRICO milk toys (fellas?).
Yuh is a Trini when..... “ENT” means yes, no, really, true etc. Fellas, yuh flirt by having a foolish grin while raising yuh eyebrows. For you rain is a good excuse to miss school and work. Yuh could be living on a hill and somehow the place get flood out. The same ‘wares’ is plastic spoon and styrofoam cup, why yuh saving them? Yuh don’t want to use de good ‘wares’. Yuh break biche at least once in yuh life. Yuh could make chow with anything………anything! Yuh could name three kinds of mango. Yuh could point with yuh mouth. Yuh does bite up chicken bone then spit it out on the plate even if eating out. Yuh does call any hot drink ‘tea’. Yuh does call any vaccination an “injection”. Yuh does dip yuh bread in yuh tea. Yuh does get “vex” and not angry. Yuh does say “boy” at the start of a sentence. Yuh does say “man” at the end of the sentence. So the person grow up between de sentence ent? Yuh does say “SO LONG!” instead of saying “YES I’M DONE” when somebody ask if yuh finish the job. Yuh does shake yuh glass with de ice when yuh drinking cold drink Yuh does wash ‘wares’. Yuh don't like when a macko minding yuh business but yet you guilty of mackoing...... dont lie! yuh know yuh fas! Yuh drink anything with ice in it. Yuh eat bread and condensed milk. Yuh eat doubles for breakfast on a Sunday morning or any morning. Yuh EAT the ice when yuh finish the drink. Yuh father beat yuh for no reason. (abuse) and when yuh cry he ask “what yuh crying for?” Yuh get ‘licks’ with a guava whip. Yuh get sting by de same ‘jep’ and try to kill the ‘jep’ with a broom and get sting again! Yuh guilty of saying at least one of these expressions on a daily basis: 'waaay boy', 'dread', 'for real', 'nah man', 'stop it nah', 'scene', 'yuh done know', 'daz my one', 'wham to she boy' Yuh have a ‘jep ness’ in de gallery. Yuh know how to brakes a fall with a drink in yuh hand. Yuh know how to mop a drop.
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